Thanks for checking out my personal blog, 

We live in central Arkansas, in Conway. My wife and I share our place with our dog Ranger,  our  cat Mrs Beasley, and until recently our temporary adopted ferrett Mando.  I guess we are on our way to operating a small zoo.  My wife and I both grew up in and  around Memphis Tennessee.   I graduated from Overton High school for the performing arts.  We moved to Arkansas  when I took a sales job with Harcros Chemical in Little Rock.  We  own a few small businesses too. We rent property in Central Arkansas and also on the Alabama Gulf coast through a small real estate company, Hughey Properties.  Another new venture we started up offers all kinds of specialty chemicals and ingredients,  testing kits and pH test strips through Level 7 Chemical Co. 

Outside  of the businesses, what few outside interests include World, US and Arkansas history, politics, writing, photography, music and travel.  If you have an interest in Arkansas history, check out the online Encylopedia of Arkansas. It is a treasury of great information about the state of Arkansas. 

We are involved in our community supporting a few local non profits and causes we believe in, namely the Conway Symphony Orchestra, Bethlehem House, and the Faulkner County  affiliatate of the Arkansas Community Foundation, and PBS public TV and also Public radio. 

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