Introducing our dog Ranger

Everyone we meet, especially people that come in to our home, or offices, when they meet Ranger our flat haired retriever, they  quickly learn he is probably the most interesting and  agreeable member of our family, and other than my wife, is the easiest to get along with.

We have only had 3 dogs during our married life. Our first was Bear, a rescue in Memphis, our home at the time. Bear was with us for nearly 13 years! He was a Chow mix and was very protective of us all, but especially our sons.  After he died we waited a few months and found Oreo, a mixed shepherd. She was very gentle and smart. We have had some very smart dogs in our lives. and Ranger is at the top of the list.   

We adopted Ranger through a local pet rescue in Little Rock about 8 years ago.  When we adopted Ranger we were told that he had been through a dog  training program at a state prison. He knew all the basic commands very well, and to this day will sit any time you approach him with a collar or a leash to go for a walk. 

Ranger gets along with everyone and everything.He loves people,  and especially if they are petting, scratching  or just touching him. He tolerates our cat and our ferrett, as long as they are not getting close to his food, and all the attention is not on them. 

He’s very afffectionate too. Unless he is “shooed” away he will rarely leave my wife’s side.  A few years ago when my wife had some health concerns and was finally home after a lengthy  hosptial stay, he laid on the bed with her all week during her recovery, except a few times a day to  go potty. 


Ranger our dog
Our dog Ranger is a flat haired retirever