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Buying and selling domain names and websites can be profitable.

What exactly is a “domain name” or a URL?  A domain name, also called simply a “domain” is just the name of a website.  A URL, which is the shortened abreviation for “Universal Resource Locator”   is a complete web address used to go to a particular web page on the internet. So, the domain is the name of the website, and the URL will lead to pages within the website.  Every URL contains the domain name, as well as other components needed to locate a specific page or the content. Here is a link to basic vocabulary of these and other terms related to domain names

I started my hobby buying domain names about 20 years ago.  Most of the early names focused on hair and skin care products because I had started up a “side hustle” selling products in that specific category of chemicals.  Now the domain names I own are all over the place and cover and variety of topics.  It has been a great way to make extra money and can be very profitable.

Make money buying and selling websites, and domain names.

Domain names can be an interesting  hobby, and  in some cases profitable. I have not put in the work to re-sell many  domain names, or as many say  “flip” domain names. Before there were so many domain name endings and there were not so many choices, it seemed more profitable because the .com ending was the primary url ending everyone wanted.   When you add in other factors such as trying to keep the domain name as short and as memorable as possible, the choices were realy limited so the dot com domain names were more valuable.  Flipping websites seems to still be a thing, but it seems more profitable if the domain can be monetized as an affiliate website, or used for advertizing, or both. To monetize the site you of course have to get some traffic, whick takes some work.  If you decide to start buying domain names check out  . All the basic services are  covered  besides just selling domain names . At you can also get website hosting, wordpress sites for blogs and websites,  and get personalized email as well.

Here’s a list of the domain names I currently own.  A few are being developed as blogs, or in to ad type websites.  If you see any you  would like information on, or that you have an interest in contact me and we will discuss the details and a sale.

Domain names owned and for sale:  – Let’s connect! Contact me for more information if you have an interest in these domain names that are for sale- 

If you are interested in any of the domain names on my list, contact me here.  I’d love to hear about your project and receive an offer on any of the unused domain names I have for sale.   If you have an interest in domain names in general and have a domain you want to buy,  check out  they have all the needed services available from  domain names  to hositing, wordpress sites and email as well.

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